Schedule of contributions

Decided by circular resolution of 09.07.2012 on 24.7.2012

§ 1 Membership fees

(1) The amount of the membership fees is decided by the general meeting.

(2) The membership fee shall be used exclusively for the work of the Association in accordance with its statutes.

§ 2 Amount of membership fees

(1) The membership fee is EUR 50,– per year for adults and EUR 25,– for pupils and students.

(2) For the granting of the reduced membership fee, the member from the age of 18 has to provide unsolicited proof (copy of the pupil’s card/student’s card).

(3) If the member does not provide proof by the end of the calendar year, the adult membership fee will be charged if the member is over 18 years of age at the beginning of the calendar year.

§ 3 Donations

(1) Voluntary donations can be made by the member at any time.

§ 4 Due date

(1) The membership fee for the calendar year is due in full for the first time upon acceptance of the membership application.

(2) In subsequent years, the fee shall be debited in the 1st quarter of the calendar year.

(3) The obligation to pay membership fees ends with the termination of membership. In the event of resignation, exclusion or dissolution of the Association, membership fees already paid shall not be refunded.

§ 5 Mode of payment

(1) Payment of the membership fee shall be made exclusively by direct debit.

(2) The Association must be notified in writing of any changes in bank details.

(3) Chargeable chargebacks in the direct debit procedure shall be borne by the member.

§ 6 Failure to perform

(1) If a member remains in arrears with the membership fee despite a reminder, he/she may be excluded by the Executive Board with immediate effect.

(2) In cases of hardship, the Executive Board may reduce or completely waive the membership fee debt.

§ 7 Donation receipt

(1) The member shall receive a donation receipt for the membership fees paid in the calendar year in the first quarter of the following year.

§ 8 Data protection

(1) Insofar as personal data is stored in connection with the collection of membership fees, this shall be done in compliance with the statutory provisions on data protection.