Transparent Civil Society Initiative

As a predominantly volunteer-managed association, we are guided by the ten key points of the Transparency Guidelines of the Transparent Civil Society Initiative.

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With these ten basic pieces of information, donors can get an idea of civil society organizations at a glance, regardless of their legal form, size, or activity.

1. general information

Name: Mobile Hilfe Madagascar e.V.
Headquarters: Gertrudenstr.8, 48149 Münster, Germany
Phone: +49 172 9544243
Foundation/register of associations: 06.12.2010 / Aschaffenburg, VR 200292
Bank details: Sparkasse Aschaffenburg Alzenau IBAN DE05 7955 0000 00114184 72, BIC:BYLADEM1ASA
Contact person for ITZ: Petra Führing,, +49 170 4400412

2. goals and statutes

The excerpt from the statutes:

Association “Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar e.V.” is an association of people with the aim to initiate, support, promote as well as extend help for people in need on Madagascar, also in inaccessible areas.
The help of the association refers to medical help in the sense of basic and emergency care as well as to the education of the Madagascans. After a start-up and training phase, it should be possible for all projects to be carried out entirely by local staff.
Lack of mobility and infrastructure are basic problems in Madagascar. Therefore, one of the goals of the association is to increase the mobility of aid workers in order to bring the aid to the people.

Our statutes can be downloaded here: click here, please!

3. non-profit status

Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar e.V. is recognized as a non-profit organization by the tax office Aschaffenburg under the tax number 204/109/91463 because of the promotion of development cooperation and welfare. The latest notice of exemption is dated 11.02.2020.

This new notice from the tax office can be downloaded here: Click here for the document.

4. names and functions of key decision-makers

Persons who can make decisions in accordance with the Articles of Association or the Articles of Association:
1st Chairman: Dr. Martin Führing
2nd Chairwoman: Tanja Hock
3rd Chairman: Martin Maier

Names and short curricula vitae of the board and other active members can be found on our homepage by clicking here!

5. activity report

The association submits its activity report on Madagascar annually to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by May 31. The reports are written in German and French and you can read them here!

6. staff structure

1. chairman
Dr. Martin Führing, physician, Münster – since October 2021

2nd chairperson and project manager
Tanja Hock, midwife, Schaafheim/Ambovo, (since beginning until today), honorary as board member, employed as project manager

3rd chairman
Martin Maier, engineer, Sulz am Neckar – since October 2021

Petra Führing, physician, (since 01.01.2016 until today), honorary

Equipment and purchasing
Dr. Martin Führing, physician, (since 01.01.2016 until today), honorary

The good fairies behind the scenes
Tina Hock, industrial clerk, Schaafheim (since Jan. 1, 2018 until today), honorary
Monika Rettinger, industrial clerk, Schaafheim (since 1.1.2018 until today), honorary

Midwifery training and treatment standards
Christine Mändle, born 1952, midwife, teacher of midwifery, author of reference books

Names and short CVs of the board and other active members can be found on our homepage by clicking here!

7 & 8 Source and application of funds

Click here for the latest annual financial statements.

9. corporate legal affiliation with third parties


10. donations exceeding 10% of the total annual income