Donations - independent of purpose

We are happy about every donation and even more of course about regular donations, because our work is needed every day of the year. Whether a large or small donation, every euro reaches where it is needed most – the poorest of the poor.

Our donation account

Mobile Hilfe Madagaskar e.V.
Sparkasse Aschaffenburg

IBAN DE05795500000011418472

Donate - via PayPal

As an alternative to bank transfer, you are also welcome to donate via PayPal.

Donations - earmarked

If you would like to donate to a specific cause, you can choose to sponsor or find a current need on here and donate to it.

Sponsorships - your options

Support our pregnant women
Our pregnant women appreciate sponsors who make it possible for them to receive care at MHM. You choose a pregnant woman via Facebook and we send you a photo of mom and baby and of course the name after the birth.

The sponsorships run for 10 months and can be financed with 25 € per month or a one-time 250 €.

School sponsorships
Again and again we have children or families who live in even worse circumstances than our other patients. Since health starts with good nutrition and school education is the cornerstone in life, we support beyond medical care if needed.

School sponsorships should run for at least one school year and can be financed with 25 € per month, while for families amounts of 40 to 60 € per month are needed.

m² sponsorships
Help us maintain our hospital and our services by becoming a square foot sponsor.